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Surprising Connection Between Diet and Sleep Habits

Managing your weight may depend on how you sleep, and sleeping well may depend on what you eat. Your diet and sleep are closely connected in many ways, and both are essential to your mental and physical wellbeing. Practice lifestyle habits that will help you maintain a healthy weight and enhance the quality of your sleep. Consider these strategies to discover positive changes you can start making today. Change Your Sleeping Habits: Resist cravings. Sleep deprivation interferes with making sound decisions, so you’re more likely to choose French fries instead of a green salad. You’re also less likely to...

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Can Changing Your Diet Really Help Anxiety?

Did you know that your diet can affect anxiety levels? If you’re tired of only using medications for your anxiety, consider how you can incorporate lifestyle changes such as diet modifications to help. As with any change you may be considering, talk to your doctor ahead of time about any concerns you may have. Try these diet strategies to help lessen anxiety symptoms: Eliminate alcohol. Although there is a belief that alcohol can relax the body, it can be harmful for those with anxiety. Alcohol affects the body in many ways, including making you more dehydrated. It can also...

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Powerful Health Strategy – Conscious Breathing

Discover the Power of Conscious Breathing to Transform Your Life Conscious breathing is a teachable process that is easy to learn. It can have a positive influence on many aspects of your life. It is an important method for maintaining your well-being. Luckily, anyone can learn the technique and use it on a regular basis to strengthen both mental and physical health. It’s easy!   Discover more about this powerful health strategy:   What is conscious breathing? Conscious breathing is becoming aware of the way you take in oxygen and release carbon dioxide from your body. It’s just paying...

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Forget About What You Think About Weight Loss Camps

Forget about what you think you know about weight loss camps. Back when you were growing up, you may have believed that they were just for kids, and maybe you even called them fat farms. A lot has changed.   These days, wellness camps are increasingly popular with adults, and weight loss may be only one of many goals for their participants. If you want to return from vacation with something more meaningful than sunburn and a few photographs, use these tips to shape up at a fitness camp.   Finding an Appropriate Wellness Camp:   Watch your budget....

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Feeling Tired? You Need Active Rest!

You know you need to give your mind and body adequate sleep, but what are you doing about active rest? While the term might sound like an oxymoron, it’s actually a real requirement for your health and wellbeing.   If you’ve heard about active rest at all, it’s probably in the context of physical exercise. For example, you rest your legs while you work your arms, or take up swimming for a month if you’re recovering from an injury caused by running.   Active rest can also be applied to other areas of your life. It refers to engaging...

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