She became successful in business by the time she was nineteen, however, her con-artist hubby took her for every cent she had. This was the bluest point in her life, but it was urged her to rise past her conditions and move forward.

Dani Johnson was besieged by drug addicted parents growing up and a step dad that told her she was junk. She was able to survive through it all by looking forward to her Sunday school weekly. But when faced with a teen pregnancy, and forced to give her baby up for adoption, she faced rejection, ridicule.

Homeless and sleeping out of her car with just a few dollars, Dani Johnson used a phone booth and a prayer to begin her business. She had no sales brochures, business cards, product, support systems, merely a desire to succeed. Because of her desire and commitment, she made her first million just twenty-four months later.

Today she is a national trainer for all entrepreneurs, both home based business owners and those who own brick and mortar companies. She mentors stay at home mothers and dads to doctors and lawyers to CEO’s of large corporations. Her reach is far but her message is the same.

She is known for her “tell it like it is” coaching and utilizes several platforms to spread her message. Dani is an author, speaker, trainer, and has been seen on TV.

Dani Johnson is genuinely herself. She’s comfortable and aboveboard about the atrocious details and struggles she had to bear as a girl and young woman to have success and become who she is now. So guess what? She doesn’t swallow excuses from anybody else. She knows what it takes and she will make one confront the truth about their self beginning with their belief system. What is it that they believe about their self?

She’ll tell you that from the beginning you were born with all the parts you need to succeed. Young children look like this: When they trip and fall, they get up fast and brush themselves off only to continue without looking back. They don’t take “no” for an answer and perseverance usually wins. They forgive, they’ve no biases, and they don’t recognize how to hold grudges. They think they can be superman when they grow up and nobody may convince them differently. They’re fearless, full of adventure and risk takers.

So what happens when they grow up?

They’ve developed another person’s belief system about themselves. Their parents, teachers, friends, individuals throughout their life have put limitations and doubts into their raising and as a result, adults for the most part have lost all features of their child mindset. The one that says I can succeed and be anything I prefer to be. Most grownups today live with enormous fears of rejection and failure.

If you are seeking direction in personal and business growth, just know that she’s going to call you out of the closet to confront your fears, your belief system and challenge you to do away with that which holds you prisoner to your own success. She will swallow no excuses and has no problem confronting you about this.

Everybody has tremendous value to extend to others. Anybody seeking to change their financial situation can do it if they’ll face their fears head on and make a decision that it’s time to start changing from the inside out, learn new skill sets for their business of choice and recognize they need to get their own egos out of the way and truly care about the dreams of other people. When you help enough individuals get what they want, you’ll have everything you want. Make your business about dauntlessly helping others. It’s a process and a journey and those who start with the first steps and remain committed are in for life altering experiences they dream about.