To accomplish his synchrodensity, we must go inwards to tap the deep corners of our spirit as well as outwards to take on the happenstances of the physical world.

Chopra says, “When you live you life with an appreciation of coincidences and their meanings, you link up with the underlying field of countless possibilities…
This is synchrodensity, in which it becomes conceivable to accomplish the spontaneous fulfillment of our every desire.

A discernment of 3 levels of existences of matter, mind and spirit is essential for comprehending the synchronicity in our lives. Matter is the physical arena, where the world is seeable, rational and objective. Everything in this level has a origin, middle and end. We’re born and we die. This component of the world is predictable; scientists may measure it. We comprehend this area.

The 2nd level of existence, Mind, brings up energy and thoughts. We can’t see either, However we know they live. This area is less decipherable than the physical one. Our views aren’t solid and we can’t touch them. We don’t see atoms and molecules and we can’t discern energy waves. Everything at this level is unsubstantial, meaning that it can’t be touched or sensed by any of the 5 senses.

The 3rd domain, Spirit, is more even befuddling, yet Chopra gives some structure to this shapeless level of existence, which he describes as “virtual” or “non-local.” Whereas the physical world has a particular place, this “non-locality” has no limits.

In the twentieth century, science discovered proof of the existence of this virtual arena. The world is assembled of particles and waves. Particles are solid, while waves, like sound and light waves, are not. A wave-particle was detected, and “till we measure either its location or its momentum, it’s both particle and wave simultaneously. “Without consciousness acting as an observer and interpreter, everything would exist only as pure potential. This “perfect potential” is the nonlocal domain.

Without our awareness, or our thoughts, there’s no physical existence. We, conjointly, produce our world. Our thoughts bridge the virtual reality and the physical world. This is a complicated construct, but the spirit domain is the origin of the coincidences we discover in our lives. Tapping into this arena, into this limitless and undefined place, we find the synchronicity in our lives. Then we may produce, on the physical level, the lives we want.

There’s one other, among many, of Chopra’s thoughts that I want to mention: power over our emotions. “Ask, don’t demand…Don’t give other people power over your emotions”. Consider that. When we require something from other people, we give them the power to adapt or resist. They’re in control, not us. If we merely ask, we hold the power and don’t have to be angry at any decision. We continue to produce our world with positive emotions, even if we don’t enjoy others’ actions.