Knowledge is something of an enigma: you likely think you know everything you need to and you don’t know what you don’t know. But regardless of what you know or you don’t, expanding your mind brings greater fulfillment.

“We have an opportunity for everyone in the world to have access to the entire world’s information. This has never before been possible. Why is ubiquitous information so profound? It’s a tremendous equalizer. Information is power.” – Eric Schmidt

Try these ways to expand your mind:

1. Engage in learning. Reading is, of course, the easiest and most accessible way to learn more. However, observing others when they’re doing something is also educational. Ask questions. If your friend is an avid bird-watcher and you’re interested, seek him out.

2. Join a club that focuses on a topic of interest. Even if you don’t consider yourself a “club member type,” you might be pleasantly surprised when you join your first club. When you’re curious about a subject and you can access a group of people who already know something about it, it can be fascinating.

3. Take an online course. There’s a wealth of offers for online coursework available at your fingertips.

  • From your own home in your easy chair, you can learn about Art History, Horticulture, Natural Sciences, Psychology, and whatever else tickles your fancy.

4. Read a magazine. Do you subscribe to magazines about your interests? It might be worth $20 bucks to indulge in topics that you like. If you don’t like the magazines cluttering up the house, have them “delivered” on your electronic tablet. Journals and magazines usually have the latest information about favored subjects.

5. Widen your horizons. If you normally read only mysteries, pick up a biography or memoir of someone who fascinates you. Be open to new genres.

6. Vow to read at least two “how-to” books each year. With millions of titles already available and new ones being written every day, the wealth of offerings is tremendous. You’ll discover many fine techniques for turning the life of your dreams into reality.

7-Day Checklist to help you focus on your mind-expanding goals

Day 1. Purely for reasons of learning, find a club and join it. Maybe club members make stained glass windows or read one classic novel a month.

Day 2. Explore online courses. This is a huge task, so narrow the topic area you’re interested in before you begin looking.

Day 3. Focus on your final three choices for online courses. Research thoroughly each of the three websites. By the end of today, make the decision on which course will best fit your needs.

Day 4. Survey the available literature related to a topic you’re interested in. For example, if you want to know more about poetry, investigate magazines that contain poetry.

Day 5. Shop for a book in a genre you wouldn’t normally look for. If you only read fantasy fiction, try a different fiction genre, like romance or thrillers. Or totally go the other way and get a non-fiction book.

Day 6. Begin compiling a list of “how to” books you’ll read. You’ll have no trouble finding a book to tell you how to do most anything, from understanding specific computer software, to writing a novel, to learning calligraphy.

Day 7. Begin to read 25 pages daily. If you plan to read 25 pages of anything each day, you’ll likely find yourself reading far more pages than that. You’ll be surprised, astounded, and moved by the material you begin to absorb. Most importantly, your life will be greatly enhanced.

Allow yourself the opportunity to soak up some knowledge on your own terms. You pick the subjects, you decide how you’ll get the knowledge, and with whom, if anyone.