Nothing will enrich your life more than feeling truly close to the important people around you. Whether it’s a spouse, life partner, or your kids, in order to get the most out of the relationship, it’s important to invest yourself in it.

“Every person, all the events of your life are there because you have drawn them there. What you choose to do with them is up to you.” – Richard Bach

If you’re disconnected emotionally from those you love and cherish, then feelings of fulfillment will elude you.

Ponder these questions to re-gain focus on your relationships:

1. Are you giving enough to your main relationship? To experience a deep, enduring connection filled with love, emotion, and mutual care, you must put in the time and effort. Do you pay attention to your partner every single day in some way?

2. How much quality time do you spend with your kids? If you have kids, you probably have an idea of the time, effort, and energy they require. Do you give those things to your kids every day? Over the course of a day, when do you have quality exchanges with them?

3. Do you have an emotionally close relationship with your parents? They have a lot to offer you: do you make an effort to learn from their wisdom?

4. What kind of activities do you do with your siblings? Keeping in regular contact with your brothers and sisters is good for the soul.

  •  Do you try to see them at least monthly if you live in the same community? Maybe you go out to lunch on Saturdays or just hang out at each other’s homes and talk about anything and everything.
  •  If your siblings live far away, what kind of effort do you make to see them?

5. Do you keep contact with grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins? If you have an aunt you were particularly close to as a child and a cousin or two whom you spent a lot of time with as a kid, maintain occasional contact with them, even if it’s only by phone.

7-Day Checklist to help you maintain fulfilling relationships

Day 1. Ask your sweetheart for a date. Use your time together to strengthen your emotional connection.

Day 2. Concentrate on having quality time with each of your kids. For your teenager, maybe it’s in the car on the way to school. For your younger child, maybe it’s taking a bike ride together after work.

Day 3. Call your parents. Allow at least 30 minutes to talk. Find out what they’re up to. Inquire about where they’ve been or books they’ve read. Show interest in their lives.

Day 4. Have lunch with a brother or sister or schedule to see them this weekend. Relish in the fact that you have someone to lean on and can offer emotional support to when they need it.

Day 5. Go see your grandma or grandpa. There’s something special about giving your grandparents a hug and helping them move something heavy or clean out a closet. Show some love to your extended family on this day. You’ll be enriched.

Day 6. Spend today with your immediate family. When you realize your main relationships with your partner and kids are the backbone of your existence, spending special times with them will make your life better.

Day 7. Pull out your schedule and make plans to stay connected with family. Each week, ensure you have at least two “events” written down that involve
making connections with those close to you. It might be a phone call to Aunt Sally and dinner with your brother and his wife.