Looking for a free WordPress themes for my Self Improvement blogs. Does anyone come across such WordPress themes related to this area? Kindly share by posting a comment from the link or box bellow. If all else fail, a paid WordPress theme will be appreciate as well.

Thanks in advance 🙂

Updated on 2017:: I have changed my theme to Extra created by ElegantThemes. Apart from the Extra theme, I have used Divi theme for many of my sites now. Divi theme is from ElegantThemes as well.

Updated on 2010:: I cannot find a suitable WordPress themes for my personal development sites. Finally, after some research, I decided to buy one of the Premium WordPress Themes – Thesis Theme. This is a great WordPress theme, and I have used this theme for almost all my blogs now.

Research Of Paid Themes

I come across some paid themes that seems to meet my needs. I listed here for you reference if you are looking for such themes like me.


If you come across great WordPress themes for Self Improvement niches, do inform me by filling in the comment box below. Thanks 🙂