The surroundings were filled with brilliant young business entrepreneurs and showering praise and attention on Jim Rohn. Though, no more a ‘young person’, Jim Rohn signed autographs, smiled and waved. Here was the man partially responsible for the success of a lot of persons, like Tony Robbins. Millions of individuals across the world attribute their success in life to Jim Rohn. People waited to see what he would deliver in his speech. What gilded gem would he share with the audience and what would they get of benefit from his words of inspiration?
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I heard a story of Singapore 2007, where world revered speaker Jim Rohn was featured…. It went like this….

Once his fans were seated and silence occupied the setting, he started. He spoke about many different facets of the individual mind and the importance of goal setting for success. The importance of remaining centered on the relevant instead of the irrelevant. However one thing struck seemed to resonate, and it was to do with effort and work.

It was a Sunday, and apparently it was pertinent for Jim Rohn to quote Scripture, though unforeseen by the crowd! The main point that he wanted to get through to everybody was that in life we have a very restricted amount of time. We all have the same hours a day and same number of days in a week in order to better our status in life.

He repeated the phrase, “six days you work, 1 rest day”. To accent this, he echoed this phrase multiple times. Throughout the week one must commit oneself to working the plan contrived for success. No letting up – if success is really what you want. He once more accented that the business owner needs to be ordered and productive in those six days of work. No fleeting lapse of reason by watching the TV for long hours – just because it’s the baseball playoffs or your favorite sitcom. Doggedness and consistency are key in those six days of work.

What about the 7th day …

He touched upon the importance of the seventh day. The day where one takes a breather from all their labors. This 7th day wasn’t a sleep, television, and ‘do nothing’ day. No, one should take the seventh day to view the results of the former week and to design improvements for the approaching week. The seventh day would be one of contemplation and planning. The importance of the seventh day can’t be undervalued. However, there is the need for the mind to be rested too. The mind is just as significant, if not more significant, than the body. The mind requires sufficient time to convalesce in order for it to run at its peak.

With the application of this idea, one would work more efficiently and see results of productivity. As we all recognize – efficiency and productivity are traits for success.