is a book summary website that summarize best-selling sales, marketing, personal development and leadership books into 12-minute summaries by video, audio and text.

Steve Cunningham (the founder of has a promotion going now that allow you to access lifetime at  a price of only $250. Ya, a one time payment of $250 instead of the regularly $1,499, and you can access updated book summary for life. Note that their regular annual price is $299. The cost of the life time membership is actually cheaper that a 1 year plan now.

> That’s one new business book summary every single day for the rest of your life, for only $250.

Personally I think he’s crazy for offering a lifetime subscription (especially at that price) instead of a deal on their monthly or annual plans, so get in there before he changes his mind.

About Membership

As a member, you will get access to the text, audio and video version of the book summary. The categories of the book, cover the spectrum of what they’ve found to be valuable for entrepreneurs and team leaders. The categories are Leadership, Sales, Marketing, Personal Development, Employee Development/Engagement, Entrepreneurship, and Network/Affiliate Marketing.

We use here at Zappos, and we love it. Pursuing growth and learning is one of our core values, and lets us do that in a fun and engaging way ~ Tony Hseih – CEO, Zappos is an amazing resource. They are able to cut to the heart of an idea and communicate it in a way that is both engaging and entertaining. If you’re not tuned in weekly, you’re missing out – big time. ~ Dan Pink – NY Times best-selling author of Drive and A Whole New Mind

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