If you are struggling with stress and anxiety, they might not be mutually exclusive. It is possible that they are linked, either with stress occurring first or anxiety occurring first. Here are some signs that your current stress is related to your anxiety.

  1. You Have the Fight or Flight Response
    A really common sign that the stress you are experiencing is also related to anxiety is when you have the fight or flight response. This is something that happens frequently with people who have anxiety or panic attack disorders. You begin to get fearful or are in the middle of a panic attack, which leads you to want to escape wherever you are. If you can’t escape, such as if you are driving on the highway, it can start causing a lot of panic. This same response also occurs with people who are under a lot of stress, wanting to avoid people or situations. It can definitely be a sign that your stress is from your anxiety.
  2. Your Body is Reacting With Pain or Discomfort
    Another thing that both stress and anxiety can cause is changes in how your body feels, often resulting in various types of pain and discomfort. You might find that you are suddenly getting a lot of headaches or your migraines are happening more often, you have nausea or are vomiting, or you are suddenly having a lot of joint pain. These types of pains might not be physical, but from your emotional turmoil from both stress and anxiety.
  3. You Have Difficulty Focusing
    Do you find that when you are stressed about something, just focusing on any one thing is hard to do? This is not only a sign of being under a lot of stress, but can also show a link between stress and anxiety. People who are anxious or have a mental health disorder find that focusing on something like work or schoolwork is difficult because those anxious feelings overwhelm their minds. This is actually a good sign that you might want to get extra help for your stress and anxiety.
  4. You Are Having Trouble Sleeping or Eating
    Yes, your stress and anxiety can both cause issues with sleeping and eating habits. These can happen exclusively as well, but if you have stress and a history of anxiety, then having insomnia and lack of appetite could be a sign that the two things are linked.

How to Find More Ways to Relax and Unwind

If you have been dealing with a lot of stress, you may currently be looking for ways you can find some relief. You might have tried journaling and removing negative energy and situations from your life. You have also tried various forms of yoga and taking in a nighttime routine. You have a stash of essential oils and all the diffuser jewelry and devices a person could think of.

The problem is you still find that you need to relax more and escape the daily grind. If this sounds like your situation, then consider these methods of finding more ways to relax and unwind.

Think Outside of the Box
The first way to find more ways to relax and unwind is to think outside of the box. The common ways to relax are to exercise, use yoga, color, meditate, and even to just breath. You need to think outside of the box. Stop looking at the common methods that others use and look to what makes you happy and relaxes you. Don’t think about what other people will think of your relaxation techniques, just do them. For some this could be writing, knitting, crafting, or even cleaning. Whatever works for you, do that. It is your stress, your relaxation, and your journey.

Be Comfortable in Being Alone
One way to find new ways to relax is to be comfortable with being alone. This doesn’t mean being lonely. It means being alone and being okay with that. Finding out about you and the person you are when no one else is there. This is usually the hardest part of finding more ways to relax, because you start to see what your issues are and where your stress may be coming from. You may experience anxiety, but through that anxiety you will find ways that help you relax and those may surprise you. Let the process happen and just take some evenings by yourself to discover what makes you happy and what relaxes you.

Look to Childhood Influences
Sometimes the simplest of things that we used to relax as a child can help us relax now. It may seem silly, but think back to the things you found relaxing as a child or a teenanger. You can even look to things you found relaxing in your early 20s. These things may still relax you and may have been forgotten over the years. Look to those and see what may still work for you, what holds and interest, and what you could apply into your life now.

Relieve Stress With These Toys and Accessories

While there are always options like eating better, getting exercise, and eliminating negative people from your life, there are also quite a few toys and accessories that can be helpful to relieve your stress.

Take a look at these different stress-relief objects you can use.

  1. Stress Cube For Fidgeters

One of the best types of products for people struggling with stress is a fidgeting toy. There are many to choose from, but one of the top-rated products is this Stress Cube. It is a modern and sleek white and black color, so you can leave it at home or bring it to the office, and it won’t stick out like a sore thumb. The stress cube has 7 different features, from flipping the cube and spinning it, to rolling it around and clicking the various buttons on the cube. There is also a soothing groove and spinning gears.

  1. Black Cyber Gel Stress Ball

HandStands is a company that makes quite a few different stress-related products and toys, including this Black Cyber Gel Stress Ball. Stress balls are really helpful because they are usually on the small side and can be carried everywhere. Keep one in your car or purse, bring one to your office, and keep one in your home. This one comes in different colors and is made of non-toxic gell inside. You can squeeze it any time you are having an especially stressful day. It also has a fabric covering so it is gentle on your hands.

  1. Glantop Magnetic Sculpture Desk Toy

These types of magnetic desk toys are not at all new. Various forms of these toys have been around for a long time, helping people with stress while at work, or anyone who just needs to be able to focus on one thing or distract themselves for a while. The magnetic sculpture desk toy from Glantop has a magnetic base and 160 balls you can move around. The balls are different sizes and easily move around the magnetic base. There are tons of combinations you can create with it.

  1. JapanBargain Chinese Health Stress Balls

In ancient Chinese medicine, these small metal balls were often used to help people deal with their stress. This set comes from Japanbargain and is less than $10 on Amazon. There is a small decorative box with 2 metal balls inside. You can use them whenever you need to, holding them in your hand and swirling them around each other. This also happens to be great if you need to stretch and strengthen your hands and fingers.

  1. Flippy Chain Fidget Toy

Here is another fun toy that is good for anyone who has stress, or those who like to fidget when they are overwhelmed or have a lot on their mind. This is one of the top-rated stress toys on Amazon, so you know it’s a good one. The stress-reducing toy is made of stainless steel rings and chain links that interlock. There are a lot of different ways to move both the links and the rings around. The O-rings are made with silicone, so they aren’t going to fade in color over time.

  1. Schylling Panic Pete Squeeze Toy

This Panic Pete squeeze toy is similar to a squeeze stress ball, but is in the shape of a little man. It is fun at the same time helpful for having stress. It is less than $10, so it also makes a good gift for anyone on your list. The toy has different parts that can pop out when you squeeze it, including the ears, eyes, and nose. It is a soft, orange rubber squeeze toy and about 5 inches tall. Not only does this help for stress, but it works out your hands at the same time.

  1. Giggle Hands Fidget Spinner Toy

The Giggle Hands spinner toy is advertised not just for stress, but also fir anxiety, ADHD, and even autism in adults and children alike. The toy contains 608 different ceramic balls that allows for an endless amount of stress fidgeting. There is no repair or maintenance needed since they are made from quality materials. There is a high-speed ceramic ball in the center that rotates at a fast speed for at least a minute at a time.

  1. Pull and Stretch Bounce Ball

Here are some classic and simple stretch balls that also give a good bounce in case you want tot use it for that purpose. You will get 2 balls in the set, that are either blue, pink, orange, or green. With these soft balls, you can stretch them and pull the rubber, allowing it to form different shapes. You can also put it back into the round ball shape and bounce it from different desks, tables, floors, or walls around you when you are having a high amount of stress that you need help with.

  1. Swear Word Coloring Book

Coloring is becoming a popular activity not just for kids, but for teens and adults. If you are an adult and looking for a fun and creative way to relieve your stress, getting an adult coloring book is the way to go. While there are a lot of options out there, from animals to gardens and flowers, you can also get a swear word coloring book. These swear words are hidden in animals and other shapes, making it fun but also more of an adult-related coloring activity.

  1. Mesh-and-Marble Fidget Toy

Now for a fun fidget toy that comes in a variety pack. The mesh-and-marble fidget toy is another stress relief toy that can be used by both kids and adults. It is completely non-toxic and safe, made with no BPA whatsoever. It comes in an 8-pack of toys, all of which are plastic marbles that are durable and provide a lot of different functions. Each of these marble toys have mesh and plastic on the outside, with a marble on the inside. You will get 8 of them in total in colors red, green, yellow, and blue.

  1. Squishy Stress Relief Balls

If you want more of a squishy ball you can just press and squeeze when you’re having a stressful time, such as during a very stressful or anxiety-inducing phone call, these squishy stress relief balls are perfect. You will get 3 balls of different colors, which are all latex-free, non-toxic, and BPA-free. They are strong and durable, made from thermoplastic rubber. You can also use them to calm yourself down during a panic attack or give them to kids that are struggling with ADHD.

  1. Nelijoe Stress Ball Squeeze Toys

This is a fun set of stress-relief toys that provide various types of relaxing and therapy balls to use when you are feeling stressed. This is a 12-pack of toys, so you can keep them all or share them with friends. Keep them at the office on a shelf, where anyone can make use of them when they need to. There are also a lot of different creative activities you can try out with the toys.

  1. PowerTRC Liquid Motion Bubbler

Here is something a little bit different than the other products mentioned. This bubbler is not a toy you physically play with, but just something you look at in order to calm yourself down. It is a wonderful way to relax and try to create a calming environment when you have just dealt with something very stressful. You can also watch the liquid motion of the motion bubbler just before a big test or when you have a marketing

  1. Hand Massager Glove by Gideon

Another good stress relief accessory that is a bit different from the various other toys mentioned is the Hand Massager Glove made by a company called Gideon. This is not only going to help with stress relief, which often results in pain in the hands, but it can help with fatigue and soreness of your hands. That way, it is a good product both for emotional and physical stress. The glove has massage balls in each glove that can be moved around and placed on any part of your body in order to get a relaxing and calming experience.

  1. Stress Relieving Animal Designs Coloring Book

Now for another fun adult coloring book! This one is great for people of all ages since instead of curse words, it instead includes various animal designs. These are not just regular animal designs like you would see in a simple child’s coloring book. They are very detailed with a lot of different types of patterns within the overall animal. There are animals like elephants, owls, and dogs, along with many others. Due to the various patterns, this coloring book is actually very beneficial when you are stressed or dealing with a good amount of anxiety.

  1. Gemstone Bracelet

This is an interesting product because it is jewelry you wear that can help with a lot of different mental health conditions, including stress. It is also great for anxiety and depression. The way it helps is by using healing gemstones that can help with these conditions. This bracelet works for these mental ailments thanks to the black onyx, bloodstone, lava stone, and carnelian gemstones. All you need to do is wear it and it should naturally reduce your overall amount of stress.

  1. Stress Ball Paul

This is another stress ball, but this one is a little bit different than just the standard balls. That is because it is actually in the form of a male figure called Paul. You can move Paul around however you want, from squeezing his different body parts, so stretching his arms and legs. It is small enough to keep in your pocket ro anywhere else while you travel, so the stress ball is always around for when you need it the most. It is soft and pliable, made of silicone rubber, so every time you stretch or squeeze it, the material bounces right back. It measures about 8cm tall.

  1. Tangle Relax Therapy

This stress relief product is a type of twist toy that allows you to use your fingers and hands to relieve stress. You can get creative and move the toy in various directions. There are 8 different pieces connected in the twist toy, which are all made of soft rubber. This allows you to stretch it and move it around to have a relaxing and calming activity that will help with a panic attack or relieve your current stress. This can also be given to kids with ADHD or autism who need a relaxing activity.

  1. Aromatherapy Stress Relief Eucalyptus Candle

Another option to go with your stress relief product is by using this eucalyptus and spearmint candle by Bath & Body Works. It utilizes aromatherapy benefits of both eucalyptus and mint, since these scents can really help to calm the mind and relax the body. It is a large, 3-wick candle, so it has a long burning time. Place it in your bedroom to relieve stress before you sleep or relax in your bathroom during a long bubble bath.

  1. Emoji Face Squeeze Balls

For another squeeze ball option, you can combine fun with relaxation by getting these emoji squeeze balls. You get a set of 12 squeeze balls, all of which are small at 3 inches in diameter. Each of them has a different emoji face on it.

They key to relaxing and unwinding is to keep it from becoming just another thing to do. For example, some people prefer to avoid the gym because paying a fee makes the gym a to-do list instead of a want to do list item. Make sure you are doing what you love and not what you feel you have to do.