How hard is it for you to jump in and get started on a new activity, hobby, or job? We gain knowledge and experiences we would have never had when we dive in to something new.

“You don’t have to be great to get started, just get started to be great.” – Denise Clark

These ideas will help you discover new horizons:

1. Enjoy a new physical activity yearly. Have you always wanted to try something, but always found a reason for not doing it? Put it back on your list!

  • Maybe you wanted to try skydiving, but when you turned 35, you thought you might be too old. Perhaps you’d like to try a sprint triathlon but think you’re too out of shape to do it. Reconsider these activities.
  • Keep your life interesting and challenging by trying a new physical activity each year.

2. Experiment with new types of entertainment. Try a couple of different types of staged theater, like a dramatic play and maybe a snappy musical. Doing so expands you in a cultural sense. Feel free to attend shows featuring stand-up comedy or dance exhibitions.

3. Accept invitations you wouldn’t normally accept. We all have acquaintances that invite us to do things we’re not terribly interested in. Next time, say “yes” and go.

7-Day Checklist will compel you to try new things

Day 1. Ponder physical activities that you’ve always thought you’d love to try. Include some of them on a new “to-do” list.

Day 2. Come up with any type of activity or experience you want to dabble in. Maybe you want to learn to paint with oils on canvas or mow the lawn with the riding lawn mower.

Day 3. Explore local community theaters. What’s available? Look online to see what’s showing now and what’s coming up. If you live in a large city, you likely have a wealth of choices. Select a show and plan a date to see it.

Day 4. Try a restaurant offering cultural fare you haven’t sampled before. Maybe it’s a Japanese Hibachi grill restaurant, Korean barbecue place, or even an Indian café. The further you reach outside of your comfort zone to try something new, the more engaged with life you’ll become.

Day 5. Take your family to a local event. Maybe there are boat races held in your community every year or a juggling school that you’ve been intrigued by. Even though you’re concentrating on increasing your own fulfillment, you can teach your kids to do the same. Show them it’s good to try new things by taking them along.

Day 6. Help out your community. All communities have fund drives, days when they pick up roadside litter and events to beautify the downtown area. A wonderful way to do something new is to chip in to assist your community. Check into it today by contacting the local city offices for upcoming events.

Day 7. Look around your home. Is there anything new you’ve wanted to try in the design? Maybe you want to paint the kitchen wall or turn the spare bedroom into a tranquil space to meditate. You can try something new within the confines of your own home that will bring great fulfillment to your everyday existence.